Friday, April 20, 2012

Mothers Day Baskets

There are finally here! I couldn't make up my mind on which fragrances that I wanted to use so after a lot of thinking and asking opinions I finally came up with the combination of Lilac and Rose. I am still working on the other basket which will be scented in more of a Mothers Kitchen idea. The Rose candle that you see in the center of the basket is a large candle that consists of almost a full pound of wax by itself. It measures three and a half inches in diameter and stands about two and a half inches high. My cousin is a return time after time customer and she just loves these!
Upon asking her approximately how long they burn for, she replied that most of the candles burn for at least 12 to 15 hours! She of course lights them in the evening when she gets home from work and blows them out when she goes to bed. She's a night owl like me, so she is up until the wee hours of the morning.
I've included 12 scented Tea Lights, six in each fragrance. Those will burn for at least six hours. Apparently I don't know how to do anything small!
The Break-Away Tarts are of course, wonderfully scented and will last hours upon hours in your oil warmer. I love the clam shell container! It reminds me of the ice cube trays that sit in my freezer all day. Maybe I should start using them?
I do like to recycle, so I have included in my candle making the use of all my grandparents old jelly and canning jars. In this basket is one 4 ounce jelly jar that brought tears to my eyes. It brought a lot of old memories of spending time with my grandmother as she would be in her kitchen making jelly. Don't worry, there are literally hundreds more where that one came from!
Two fifteen hour votive candles, wrapped in a wonderful sachet material. I even recycled that! The material was left over from a craft show that I had done last year.
Two 4 ounce Travel Tin candles, one is a mystery scent to keep mom guessing! The other is scented with Lilac.
The dolly dress pot holders are something that I threw in at the last minute. Kind of an after thought. My sister in law helps me with crocheting these. She can turn the needle a lot faster than I can.
Of course I have also slipped in my business card and a brochure of my shop.